More than 20 provincial and municipal health codes and national platform health codes have been join
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The 'gate type' and 'pillar type' electronic sentries (also known as 'digital sentries') independently developed by Shenzhen Yuanyuanda IoT Technology Co., Ltd., related products have been jointly deployed to the health code interfaces of more than 20 provincial and municipal local data platforms in Guangdong, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Fujian, Shanghai and other provinces, as well as the direct connection of the health code of the national government service platform, which can help the government The access of industry and other personnel realizes digital control and non-contact intelligent scientific epidemic prevention. In addition, Shenzhen RAKINDA also launched electronic sentry products on the basis of provincial and municipal epidemic prevention platforms. It is reported that the 'gate type' and 'pillar type' electronic sentries can realize non-contact accurate temperature measurement, health information verification and fast passage without the user touching or removing the mask, so as to conduct real-time and efficient inspection on the personnel entering the site, realize green code passage, red and yellow code and abnormal information alarm, and improve the inspection and passage efficiency.

远景达推出的防疫电子哨兵 已联调20多个省市健康码及国家平台健康码

With the electronic sentry function, epidemic prevention management departments at all levels can easily summarize and analyze the temperature, nucleic acid, vaccine, health code status and other information of floating personnel within their jurisdiction, reduce the input of grassroots epidemic prevention personnel from the source, improve the accuracy of epidemic prevention inspection, and more facilitate epidemic prevention and control in key areas and mass travel. With the recent tense situation of epidemic prevention and control in many places, the demand for personnel screening in various places is further expanded. Shenzhen RAKINDA will vigorously invest in the production capacity and deployment of electronic sentries.

远景达推出的防疫电子哨兵 已联调20多个省市健康码及国家平台健康码

It is worth mentioning that Shenzhen Yuanyuanda Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated a lot in digital epidemic prevention and control. At the beginning of the epidemic, it has launched smart epidemic prevention solutions with multiple functions such as 'health code verification+face temperature measurement+ID card reading' to the market, and has a lot of practical experience in cooperation with the national government, At present, more than 23 health code interfaces have been docked and thousands of application cases of rapid verification of health codes for large public places have been realized, which is very reliable! The IoT technology and service team of Yuanyuanda said that since the company's anti epidemic health code electronic sentry solution was launched, it has been upgraded many times in a short time according to the needs of epidemic prevention. It supports white list verification and registration, face recognition verification of health codes, and verification of health codes and national health codes in all provinces and cities across the country. The electronic sentry equipment further simplifies the recognition process. Wearing a mask can recognize faces and directly access health code information from all over the country. At the same time, it can realize temperature measurement, identify nucleic acid detection results and vaccination and other information, effectively improve the efficiency of checkpoint management, avoid personnel gathering, and provide important support for strengthening the intelligent network of epidemic prevention and control, and continuing to do well in epidemic prevention checkpoints.

远景达推出的防疫电子哨兵 已联调20多个省市健康码及国家平台健康码

Shenzhen Yuanyuanda IoT Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich industry experience relying on the R&D foundation of trusted IoT core technology. The trusted digital identity authentication technology and health code security verification technology developed have been widely used in the digital identity security verification and epidemic prevention and control system scheme, and have successfully served many epidemic prevention and control related work such as the CTID network trusted identity certificate and epidemic prevention health information code. The system connects with many official databases such as the Ministry of Public Security, the Health Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the national government service, and continues to provide credible, stable, and reliable big data services for epidemic prevention and control for the government, universities, and industries.

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