What embedded applications does Vision LV4500R QR code scanning module have?
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What is the function of the code scanning module? It is estimated that some readers do not understand it. Here is a brief introduction: to put it simply, we usually use the QR code of mobile phones on self-service equipment, bus vehicle equipment and even epidemic gate channels to accurately and quickly decode and verify the code online and offline. We use the QR code core technology scanning module to achieve the international standard of one-dimensional barcode Two dimensional code (PDF417) decoding function. The embedded scanning module application is also well understood, which is to provide high-performance, low-cost two-dimensional code reading chip and its solutions, especially in mobile phone two-dimensional code recognition applications, providing a highly cost-effective embedded scanning solution. Taking Shenzhen RAKINDA - LV4500R as an example, what embedded applications of the scanning module will be introduced to relevant manufacturers?


Shenzhen RAKINDA - LV4500R QR code scanning head module can quickly read the barcode information on the mobile phone screen and paper documents. It has powerful performance. It adopts an exquisite streamlined design, and its size is 71 * 61 * 50mm (L * W * H). It can be seen that this scanning module can easily meet the requirements of integrated installation!


Product Features

▲ Excellent screen code reading performance: The embedded scanning module adopts a new generation of core decoding technology independently developed, which can quickly read the large amount of screen barcodes with the lowest brightness and various films;

▲ Customized for self-service equipment: the embedded metal shell is designed for all kinds of self-service scanning equipment;

▲ Long bar code reading: large window design, perfect reading of long bar code of logistics documents;

▲ Fast sensing: in standby/sleep mode, when the scanned object is close to the scanning window, the device will instantly start and quickly read;

▲ Rich interfaces: USB and RS-232 interfaces are supported to ensure stable power supply and no data loss during transmission;

▲ Green low power consumption: the independent core technology is adopted to greatly reduce the operating power consumption and extend the service life of the equipment.


Application Scenario

Different QR code machines, tools and reading devices can be embedded, which is widely applicable to the integrated application of various scanning terminals such as vending machines/self-service devices, channel gates/intelligent access control, vending cabinets/payment terminals, self-service cabinets/e-commerce self lifting cabinets, logistics express cabinets, etc.


As a product and solution provider with barcode recognition as its core technology, Shenzhen RAKINDA is committed to providing various intelligent identification solutions for industrial customers. In the future, Shenzhen Vision will continue to follow the simple and profound business promise that 'your satisfaction is our pursuit'! We always tailor the most appropriate products and services for customers according to their actual needs, and truly achieve 'the company's heart, the customer at ease'! If you are interested in such applications, please contact us!

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