Smart anti epidemic gate, which supports face brushing, temperature measurement and health code scan
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With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, how to quickly and effectively judge the health status of personnel and whether they can pass through through health information verification and temperature detection in public places is an important problem faced by many checkpoints at present. In particular, in the face of irregular and frequent outbreaks, it is unrealistic and unscientific to rely entirely on manpower. However, from the experience of epidemic prevention in advanced cities in China, it is not only the best strategy for current epidemic prevention and control, but also the direction of future development of prevention and control to use intelligent means to scientifically prevent and control dynamic zeroing.


In Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other places, more and more key places have used smart epidemic prevention gates (commonly known as 'gate type' electronic sentries). Smart epidemic prevention gates are installed at the entrance channels with large pedestrian flow to coordinate with manual precise prevention and control. Through code scanning, ID card reading, face recognition and other verification methods, automatic temperature measurement, identity security check, health code verification Display nucleic acid and vaccine information, record relevant health data, and manage personnel desensitization data through visual Internet of Things platform.


In fact, relying on manual verification requires close contact. It is also inconvenient to carry and retrieve various materials. More importantly, there are risk loopholes such as inspection errors and intentional fraud, which are against the original intention of epidemic prevention and control. The smart epidemic gate uses the health code big data platform, which just makes up for the shortcomings exposed by the above manual verification. While helping the government and the industry to achieve accurate epidemic prevention and control, it also reduces the labor cost for grassroots epidemic prevention, and improves the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control information inspection and access.


It should be pointed out that among the smart epidemic prevention gates currently deployed nationwide, there are many 'gate type' electronic sentries independently developed by Shenzhen Yuanyuanda Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. Just open the health code to scan the code forward or swipe the ID card, and the one-stop verification and temperature measurement of health information such as health code, place code, nucleic acid, vaccine, and travel can be completed in just a few seconds. After the verification is passed, the access gate will be opened to achieve 'second pass'. The intelligent epidemic prevention gate ('gate type' electronic sentry) can provide the corresponding face recognition, temperature measurement, health code verification, accurate epidemic prevention solutions and industrial solutions for different scenarios of epidemic prevention needs. If you are interested in such applications, please contact us!


Shenzhen Yuanyuanda IoT Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich industry experience relying on the R&D foundation of trusted IoT core technology. The trusted digital identity authentication technology and health code security verification technology developed have been widely used in the digital identity security verification and epidemic prevention and control system scheme, and have successfully served many epidemic prevention and control related work such as the CTID network trusted identity certificate and epidemic prevention health information code. The system connects with many official databases such as the Ministry of Public Security, the Health Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the national government service, and continues to provide credible, stable, and reliable big data services for epidemic prevention and control for the government, universities, and industries.

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