How to select the two-dimensional code module of the CTID as a reliable digital identity verificatio
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With the full implementation of the new policy of national ID card computerization, face verification terminals, code scanning modules and even reading terminals based on the CTID trusted identity authentication service will run through people's diversified life scenes, and pass through various digital scenes with the help of the two-dimensional code of the CTID network card, helping people in epidemic prevention and control, e-government, public services People's livelihood applications and even the construction of new smart cities and other different fields realize the one code access of identity and data.


What is digital ID card? Digital ID card, that is, the digital and online identification of ID card, realizes online identification of personal identity, and integrates various personal information such as residents' social security, bank credit, and basic medical information. With only one intelligent terminal, 'mobile phone swiping' can achieve personal identity authentication. This also means that online identity verification is possible. Based on the core technology of the national 'Internet+' trusted identity authentication platform (referred to as 'CTID platform'), digital identity cards provide authoritative, reliable, secure and convenient identity authentication services for government departments at all levels, Internet operators and applications in various industries.

The very important hardware facility in the application of digital ID card is a scanning module for reading the two-dimensional code of CTID. The representative product on the market now is the 4800 series trusted digital ID two-dimensional code module independently developed by Shenzhen Yuanyuanda Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd.


The 4800 module is developed based on the 2D code decoding module of Vision CTID. It is a hardware level module designed for various application scenarios of network authentication CTID, which can be used to identify and verify the national epidemic prevention health code. It has the ability to decode and verify the network authentication CTID. The 4800 module communicates with the upper computer equipment through the hardware interface. After integrating the module, the upper computer equipment can directly provide the ability to interpret and verify the network certificate CTID for various services. The 4800 series Visida CTID QR code module integrates the CTID security chip and the core technology QR code recognition engine, and has strong decoding, code verification and security protection capabilities. It can scan the CTID QR code in various environments, perform accurate and fast online and offline decoding and code verification, and quickly output verification results and related information. At the same time, it is compatible with the second generation entity card recognition function, integrating two-dimensional code recognition and identity recognition, to meet the needs of more identity verification scenarios!

Application Scenario

It can interface with different intelligent identity verification devices, and is widely applicable to places where you can show your CTID QR code to achieve fast online identity authentication in such scenarios as government affairs, transportation, online banking, hotel check-in, etc.


Shenzhen Yuanyuanda IoT Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich industry experience relying on the R&D foundation of trusted IoT core technology. The trusted digital identity authentication technology and health code security verification technology developed have been widely used in the digital identity security verification and epidemic prevention and control system scheme, and have successfully served many epidemic prevention and control related work such as the CTID network trusted identity certificate and epidemic prevention health information code. The system connects with many official databases such as the Ministry of Public Security, the Health Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the national government service, and continues to provide credible, stable, and reliable big data services for epidemic prevention and control for the government, universities, and industries. If you are interested in such applications, please contact us!

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