"Gate type" electronic sentry, which makes precise efforts to improve the efficiency of epidemic pre
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At present, the 'gate type' electronic sentry is a very popular 'temperature measurement+health code' epidemic prevention face intelligent recognition gate in the application of epidemic prevention and control management. Thanks to the policy promotion of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and the general policy of social dynamic zero clearing, from the government office hall to enterprises and institutions, from the park office building to the community checkpoint, from professional security assurance to daily prevention and control inspection, In many crowded public places, 'gate type' electronic sentries are used to control personnel access and epidemic prevention.


It is understood that in the past few years of the epidemic, the 'gate type' electronic sentry has found its own development direction at the entrance of government and enterprises, traffic checkpoints, residential quarters, office buildings, hospitals and schools and other places where health codes need to be verified. Whether in government units or other fields, the traditional manual verification and identification (health code, place code, nucleic acid, vaccine, itinerary, etc.) and inspection management mode are gradually replaced. The 'gate type' electronic sentry makes the prevention and control management more intelligent, and improves the ability of rapid verification and accurate prevention and control.


We know that in the past, it was necessary to set up the link of manually checking the health code and other epidemic prevention information at the bayonet, but this way requires a lot of manpower. The long waiting time of the staff in peak hours has also caused pressure on the prevention and control management, which is inefficient, and faces the risk of close contact. More importantly, there are risk loopholes such as inspection errors and intentional fraud. In this situation, in order to improve efficiency and avoid omissions, 'gate type' electronic sentry with verification methods such as code scanning, ID card reading, face recognition came into being. After face recognition, identity verification and temperature measurement, the system automatically verifies its health code information, records and feeds back relevant health data. After verification, the gate of access control channel will be opened and its health code, nucleic acid, vaccine, journey and other information will be displayed. The release of 'gate type' electronic sentry avoids crowding and gathering of personnel, and ensures efficient and orderly personnel access service.


It should be pointed out that the 'gate type' electronic sentry is the call of Shenzhen RAKINDA to actively respond to the latest national, provincial and municipal epidemic prevention policies and promote the application of the latest efficient prevention and control measures such as 'site code' and 'electronic sentry' to achieve more sophisticated epidemic prevention and control management. As the best solution for the normalized application of entrance and exit epidemic prevention, the 'gate type' electronic sentry application is the result of the development of digital epidemic prevention technology. It is widely used in checkpoint management to solve the problem of time-consuming and laborious epidemic prevention verification. It can be used not only in public indoor and outdoor, but also in hospitals, schools, communities, park entrances, shopping malls, office buildings, station scenic spots People flow control areas such as government agencies. If you are interested in such applications, please contact us!


Shenzhen Yuanyuanda IoT Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich industry experience relying on the R&D foundation of trusted IoT core technology. The trusted digital identity authentication technology and health code security verification technology developed have been widely used in the digital identity security verification and epidemic prevention and control system scheme, and have successfully served many epidemic prevention and control related work such as the CTID network trusted identity certificate and epidemic prevention health information code. The system connects with many official databases such as the Ministry of Public Security, the Health Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the national government service, and continues to provide credible, stable, and reliable big data services for epidemic prevention and control for the government, universities, and industries.

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